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ZK SEPARATION Industrial Centrifuge Manufacturer

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Centrifuge Manufacturer

The benefits of ZK SEPARATION industrial Centrifuge manufacture include various applications, including chemical, water, and wastewater treatment. Moreover, ZK separation’s personnel have advanced training in materials science, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics, vibration isolation technology, and mechanical analysis. Furthermore, these professionals have a special design in solid-liquid two-phase, solid-liquid-solid, and liquid-liquid-solid three-phase separation. As a result, they can manufacture dozens of different products based on their expertise in each field.

High-performance water treatment decanter centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge manufacturer are used to separate liquids from solids. These centrifuges are designed to separate more than 50% of suspended solids, making them ideal for various industrial applications. They are also suitable for use in the Food and Environmental Protection Industries.

High-performance water treatment decanter centrifuges are ideal for sewage and water purification plants. The high-performance models are designed to handle low-concentration samples and can perform dewatering and sludge treatment without thickeners. In addition, their intelligent control system ensures that they are easy to use and operate.

Long service life

The ZK separation industrial centrifuge is a powerful tool for separating liquids, solids, and gases. Its unique technology is capable of high-efficiency sewage concentration, dehydration, and three-phase wastewater separation. In addition, the Centrifuge has a compact footprint and is explosion-proof. The Centrifuge is also equipped with a high degree of automation and material adaptability.

The Centrifuge can separate heavy particles from the liquid pond, and its decanter design can be adjusted to separate the liquid and solids. In addition, it can separate liquids into two distinct phases, which can be discharged through separate outlets.

Low cost

An industrial centrifuge is a kind of centrifugal equipment used in industrial processes. It can effectively separate water and solid particles. These industrial centrifuges can be divided into three categories. First, they can be used for sewage treatment, food and beverage processing, and metal and mining industries. They are also used in water purification plants and wastewater treatment plants. The growth in the industrial centrifuge market will be driven by the increasing demand from process industries, including the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The largest market for industrial centrifuges is located in North America, mainly caused by the presence of domestic manufacturing industries.

Oily sand is a raw material for oil extraction. It contains sand and salt water. Hence, producers use centrifuges to separate the oil and water. Alfa Laval disc stack centrifuges are used for this purpose. The concentrated algae cells are used as food for fish larvae. In addition, the esterification process produces biodiesel and glycerol.


If you are looking for industrial centrifuges, ZK SEPARATION has many options available. These centrifuges are suitable for many applications, including wastewater treatment and municipal sewage treatment. In addition, these industrial centrifuges can separate mud or sand effectively and are ideal for water resources management. ZK SEPARATION also offers customized services to meet your needs.

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The ZK 496 centrifuge is a large-sized centrifuge suitable for processing large samples. It can process up to four x 1,000 ml bottles or a blood bag. The Excelsa(r) I Centrifuge is designed for laboratory and clinical applications. The machine applies centrifugal force to separate liquid substances and reduces noise.

Wide range of applications

Centrifuges are widely used in a variety of processes. They are designed to separate solid and liquid materials. They do not have a standard size and are custom-built by OEMs to fit a particular function. This means they are usually more expensive than other types of process equipment.

The ZK industrial centrifuge is a popular and versatile solid-liquid separation equipment. It is widely used in the mining and chemical industries. In this industry, mechanical separation technology significantly treats waste oil, wastewater, and harmful substances. It can separate liquid and solid mixtures and dehydrate their solid components simultaneously. It is particularly popular in the treatment of coal tar, sulfur foam, and greywater.

Wide range of mesh perforation size

Industrial centrifuges vary in particle size efficiency depending on their design and operating parameters. The efficiency of a centrifuge depends on the size of its mesh perforation and its ability to separate particles more significantly than its perforation. There are two kinds of industrial centrifuges: filtration and decanter centrifuge. Filtration centrifuges separate particles by perforation, while decanter centrifuges separate particles more significantly than the screen media.

Disc centrifuges are usually used for materials that cannot be separated effectively with decanter centrifuges. However, their technical parameters allow them to be used in various industries.

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