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Point in Time: When Should Landowners Sell Their Property

by Catherine Silva

Many believe spring is the best time to sell a piece of land. The land looks its best in many regions with fresh growth and blooming flora. Buyers will be eager to move into their new homes before the school year begins. Nevertheless, there are several factors to consider before you decide to sell.


With everything happening in the country right now, it’s understandable that some landowners would want to hold off selling their property until times improve. However, the experts say this could be one of the best times to sell your land in years – especially if you’re prepared. In many regions, the fall season showcases land at its most appealing, with colorful leaves and flourishing flora.

It can be a significant factor for agricultural and recreational properties, where visual appeal impacts value. Land buyers also tend to extend their searches beyond autumn into the winter, giving them plenty of time to find the perfect property. With the advent of digital real estate listings, SellLand can access properties in any season and weather – without ever leaving home. Moreover, there’s lower competition for buyers like them in the winter, making selling your land at its actual value easier.


When buyer activity typically slows down when the hunter ends and the hunting season begins to wane, buys are when it’s important to have contracts in place. The property is well-maintained so that your land stays competitive in the market. Fall is a popular time for land sales as it aligns with the seasonal work of homebuilders and developers, plus some types of land look beautiful with the autumn colors. However, it’s important to remember that buyers will likely look at hundreds of other land listings during this time, so your marketing efforts must stand out.

Despite the common myth that winter is not an ideal time to sell real estate, it can be a good season. Buyers who are serious about buying can continue their land search during the winter, especially when you highlight features of your property that are unique to the area’s climate. The winter can also be a great time to sell land if you live in an area famous for skiing and other winter sports.


While home sellers may put their houses on the market during spring to leverage the blooming flowers and lush greeneries for a more attractive curb appeal, land buyers aren’t so eager to move. They consider whether the property is what they want, when they need it, and how much it will cost them. During the summer, land sale demand is typically strong due to increased construction activity in rural areas. Buyers also prefer to escape the crowded city and seek quieter, peaceful surroundings on their next home purchase.

If you own a large property and want to sell part of it, hire a real estate attorney with experience in land transactions. It will help ensure that the transfer of ownership is conducted correctly and doesn’t create any legal complications for either party. A lawyer can also help you determine whether a quitclaim deed or warranty deed is the best way to sell your property.


While spring is the most popular season for selling land, there are better times to sell. Unless your land has beautiful, fresh flowers or a picturesque stream, you must work hard at marketing your property in the spring. It is essential to capture stunning photos of your land in the spring and create an engaging description that will stand out from other listings.

Autumn has also become a popular time to sell land, especially in rural areas. The seasonal spike in tourism and the perfect timing that aligns with construction season make it a great time to sell land for developers and homebuilders. Many people assume winter is a pointless time to sell land, but buyers are still searching for properties all year round. It’s true for lots in snowy regions where people come to engage in winter activities like skiing.

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