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What You Need to Know About Renting LED Displays

by Catherine Silva
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Renting LED Displays

The rental LED display is a product that can be rented to your event to allow your guests to enjoy a beautiful, bright display. If you need it indoors or outdoors, you can use it. Displays of this type are also lightweight, compact, and easy to assemble and disassemble. You can even choose to have them waterproof, which is important if you plan to use them for outdoor events.

Modular vs. outdoor

When you are planning to rent Leeman LED Display equipment, there are many options to choose from. The product you choose should suit your needs. Modular LED displays and outdoor LED displays are the two basic types.

The modular type is ideal for advertising in stores or transportation signs. This model is also water-resistant and offers high protection capability.

One of the biggest differences between modular and outdoor LED displays rental is that the module isn’t as bright as an outdoor screen. It’s also not as weather-resistant.

Indoor vs. outdoor

You need to determine your needs before renting an indoor or outdoor LED display. Your products need to be manufactured by a reputable manufacturer.

Outdoor and indoor LED displays differ in terms of pixel size, brightness, and resolution. The pixel pitch is measured in millimeters. This pixel pitch can affect the quality of your display.

Most LED display modules have a pixel pitch of 3 mm or less. However, outdoor display products can be as high as 8 mm. If the pixel pitch is too close, it can result in a poor picture.

Optimum viewing distance

Choosing the optimum viewing distance for a rental LED display is essential to ensure the best experience for you and your guests. Having the right amount of viewing distance can enhance your LED screen’s effect and increase the clarity of the content.

There are a number of ways to calculate the optimum viewing distance. Choosing the right distance requires consideration of the pixel pitch. A higher pixel pitch will result in a clearer image.

Pixel pitch

Pixel pitch of rental LED display is one of the factors that affects the quality of images presented on the screen. Different applications require different pixel pitches.

Larger pixel pitch will allow you to view the screen from a long distance. But, it will also reduce the overall display quality. Smaller pixel pitch is ideal for viewing close up, which allows you to enjoy smooth borders and finer details.

While a pixel pitch may seem to be less important than the resolution of the display, it is actually an important factor. In fact, it can play a significant role in selecting the best display for your needs.


If you’re planning to rent a LED display for your event, you should know that this type of display has many benefits. For one thing, it’s easy to set up and install. It also provides an interactive experience. You can use it to display live TV, videos, or web streams.

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In addition, the LED display can create a beautiful background. The brightness is also good, so audiences can easily see it in the dark. These kinds of displays are ideal for concerts, weddings, fashion shows, and conferences.

Fast assembly

You need to know how fast to assemble a rental LED display if you want to get the most benefits from it. There are two main ways to assemble the equipment.

One way is to use a magnetic cabinet type installation. The other way is to use a hanging installation. In either case, you need to ensure that the supporting structure is able to support the weight of the equipment.

You also need to consider the environment when deciding which type of installation is the best. For example, if you are installing the LED screen for outdoor events, you need to choose a product that is waterproof and easy to disassemble.

IP65 waterproof

If you are looking for a display that can stand up to the elements, then an IP65 waterproof rental LED display is the best option. These display panels are designed to endure the elements, including sand, snow, rain, and dust. This is achieved by incorporating an array of protective coatings, which are tested to ensure that they do not fail.

Besides, these display panels are available in a variety of sizes, so you are sure to find one that fits your needs.


If you are looking to rent an LED display, you need to know that there are many factors to consider. These include the location of your event, the type of LED you want, the size of the display, the resolution, and more.

The cost of renting an LED display will vary greatly, depending on many factors. You should consult a supplier for a quote.

Typically, the cost of renting a LED display includes basic operation and tear-down. You can also opt for a modular rental. This is a great solution if you are in a short-term situation.

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