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Types of Industrial Shredder Machines

by Catherine Silva
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Industrial Shredder Machines

There are many types of industrial shredder machines that are available on the market. Some of them include the rollout screens, the operating system, and the common materials that are shredded.

Common materials shredded

If you are thinking of purchasing a shredding machine, you should know which types of materials it can handle. The types of materials that are typically shredded by a shredder are plastic, wood, paper, food waste, metal, and other materials.

Industrial shredders are essential equipment in recycling operations. They help to reduce the volume of waste in landfills and improve the environment. These machines also improve the market image of companies.

Different types of industrial shredders have different functions. For instance, a plastic shredder has a different structure than a wood one. It may also have a different number of shafts. This is important because it affects the amount of material that can be shredded.

A shredder also has a cutting system, which helps to reduce the formation of dust. This process guarantees energy savings. Buying a quality shredding machine from PROKATO will save you money if you’re planning on purchasing a shredding machine.

Operating system

Industrial shredders are designed to process waste materials such as paper, plastic, rubber, tires, and electronic waste. Their sturdy and strong design allows for precise adjustment of different parameters. They also provide the ability to generate new raw materials.

The primary structure of an industrial shredder is usually made up of shafts with attached blades. The blades are designed to reduce the size of the material, while the rotors are capable of rotating at different speeds. A secondary granulator may be used to further reduce the size of the shredded material.

An industrial shredder has the capacity to destroy virtually all artificial materials, including wood chips, rubber, tires, and plastic. These machines can also be customized to suit your specific needs. You can choose between single, double, or four-shaft cutting systems.

Rollout screens

A rollout screen for an industrial shredder machine is a device that allows for easy removal of the screen from the machine at the end of the day. This saves time and effort in cleaning the screen. It also supports modular construction, which enhances the speed of maintenance and repairs.

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The SSI Rollout Screen features a concentrically-aligned design that ensures proper spacing between the rotating cutter shafts and the screen face. This helps to increase productivity and online reliability.

Another feature of the SSI Rollout Screen is the patented Ram Assist. This hydraulically-operated system automatically applies the correct amount of force to the material that is being fed into the machine. It works well for plastics, fiber, and steel.

The SSI screen also features Severe Shock Protection. This prevents the increased torque from transmitting to the drive train, which extends the life of the cutter.

North America

A leading manufacturer of Industrial Shredder Machines in North America, Republic Machine, has produced some of the industry’s most innovative industrial shredders. These include the PowerTEC(r) 929 IS, which features a powerful chain-driven motor and simple push-button operation.

The company’s product portfolio also includes granulators, knife hogs, and cracker mills. With its expertise in engineering, the company is able to create innovative solutions for waste management.

In addition to manufacturing, the company also provides consultation services, design and build, and 3D CAD modeling. This helps companies establish efficient strategies.

A growing awareness of the benefits of recycling is expected to drive product demand. Governments across the globe are increasingly focused on reducing metal waste. Therefore, there is a strong need for industrial shredders to help preserve resources.

Among the regions, Asia Pacific is expected to witness the fastest growth during the forecast period. Its rapid economic development, favorable government policies, and growing population will propel market growth in the region. However, Latin America and the Middle East & Africa will experience moderate growth.

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