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Pharmacy Technician Jobs

Tips for Succeeding in Pharmacy Technician Jobs with a Pharmacy Staffing Agency

by Catherine Silva

Individuals who want to learn more about this field may consider pharmacy technician as a job. These are key people who help the pharmacist and ensure that the patient gets their medication as safely and efficiently as possible. A pharmacy staffing agency can help improve your chances of getting quality employment if you want to work as a pharmacy technician.

1. Expand Your Skills and Knowledge

In order to differentiate yourself in the very competitive pharmacy technician profession, continuous improvement of knowledge and expertise in the area of pharmacies is essential. Enroll in training by recognized companies, workshops or certification programs. This will add on your value and expertise which are important aspects to do well in your new job. Be informed about new developments in pharmacy technology and standards of practice to offer the best possible care to your clients.

2. Build a Strong Professional Network

Every industry is competitive at some point, and it is essential for a pharmacist to network for growth. Join some professional associations, participate in conferences and interact with fellow pharmacy technicians as well as other health professionals. Building a good network at work will offer you vital information, job openings, as well as advisory services. Try going to online forums or pharmacy technician focused social media groups.

3. Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter

You need to tailor your CV and motivation letter specifically for the job advert posted through this agency. List specific skills, certificates, and experience related to the job. Demonstrate the ability using industry specific keywords and action verbs. Personalizing your applications increases your chances of being seen as well.

4. Be Flexible and Open to Assignments

These are short-term tasks, where pharmacy staffing agencies give temporary or contract obligations like when taking on a new pharmacy technician. Although there might not be the dream life long-term positions, you will gain hands-on experiences, polish your skills among other benefits before securing a permanent job. Be prepared to accept new assignments and work within non-traditional working schedules. This also demonstrates that you are ready to be trained, increasing your prospects to other job positions.

5. Demonstrate Strong Communication Skills

This implies that an efficient workplace flow and patients safety rely on proper communication for a pharmacy technician. Ensure that you communicate well with your patients, pharmacists, among other health care providers. Professionalism is also crucial as it ensures strong verbal and written communication skills that result in improved patient care. When recruiting make sure that you are very flexible in communication and have a good teamwork spirit.

6. Stay Organized and Detail-oriented

It is the role of a pharmacy technician to manage drugs and record keeping. Organized, detailed, and with a patient’s first approach have greater work market value among employers. Learn how to manage your time well to tackle many things at once. Ensure that you are paying attention to the most minute of details while writing prescriptions, affixing labels and advising patients. These are some of the best practices that should help you achieve success in pharmacy tech.

7. Continuously Seek Feedback and Improve

Getting a recommendation from supervisors or workmates even after having been placed in the pharmacy technician jobs by a staffing agency can improve performance at work as well. Identify and pursue growth and improvement opportunities in your responsibilities. Showing willingness to learn and improve will see you through the future in the pharmacy. Continually upgrade your profession by attending professional development programs, reflect on yourself.

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