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What is Walmart Plus and How much is Walmart plus?

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how much is walmart plus

When you join Walmart Plus, you’ll get unlimited free deliveries, member-only gas prices, and Scan & Go capabilities in-store. Do you think it’s worth it?

Its everyday low prices make Walmart a favorite among budget-conscious consumers. When shopping with us, you have the option of ordering online or in-store at more than 4,700 locations. Walmart recently launched Walmart Plus, a subscription service that offers unlimited free deliveries, member fuel prices, and other valuable perks. The following is what I learned from my own experience with Walmart Plus.

Walmart Plus: what is it?

Subscriptions to Walmart Plus include unlimited free delivery, member fuel prices, and more. The website indicates that additional benefits will be added in the future to increase the value of membership. The subscriptions cost of Walmart Plus is $12.95 per month as of June 2022, or you can save almost 40% if you subscribe annually.

Walmart Plus: How it works

It is a new subscription service of Walmart that responds to consumers shopping with e-commerce giant Amazon. Amazon Prime is similar to the membership program. It also offers some features that make it a better choice for certain customers, such as one-hour delivery windows and touch-free in-person shopping, which is especially relevant to many due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Walmart Plus sign-up instructions

You can sign up for Walmart Plus in a few simple steps. Go to Walmart.com/plus and click on “start 30-day free trial.” First, sign in or create a Walmart account. The next step is to decide whether you want an annual or monthly plan. Then click “start free 30-day trial.” Once you’ve decided, sign up.

Here are a few ways to get extra cash back on your membership before you sign up. Here is an example of a deal Chase Offers offers periodically on memberships.

There are also occasional deals offered by Walmart Plus itself. 

Annual vs. monthly plans

You can choose between monthly and annual payments when you sign up for Walmart Plus. It costs $12.95 per month to become a Walmart Plus member. If you are unsure about Walmart Plus and would like to test it out, this is a good option for occasional users. A year’s subscription is only $98, a savings of nearly $60 over a month’s subscription.

You can test out either option before paying for it for 30 days.

Walmart Plus includes the following features

You can save time and money with Walmart Plus while improving your shopping experience. The benefits will also be expanded over time by Walmart.

  • Over 4,700 Walmart Plus stores participate in Walmart Plus, providing unlimited free delivery. Express delivery has a fee. 
  • It’s free shipping from Walmart.com, and there’s no minimum purchase requirement. There are, however, some items that are not eligible. 
  • Walmart Plus members save 10 cents per gallon at nearly 2,000 Walmart, Exxon, Mobil, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express gas stations. Fuel stations at Sam’s Club have also been added since the game was released.
  • Scan & go with your smartphone: If you’re shopping in-store, you can speed up your shopping experience and use touch-free payments with Walmart’s mobile app (which is available for iPhones through the App store and Android phones).

The exclusive benefits are in addition to the standard Walmart benefits, such as free curbside pickup, NextDay delivery, and two-day delivery.

Walmart Plus: How to order

It’s easy to order groceries and other items from Walmart with Walmart Plus. Once you have logged into your Walmart account, you can select the delivery option that suits you best.

When you check out, you can choose to pick up your order or have it delivered for free. The delivery fee for next-day delivery is typically $7.95 to $9.95, but Walmart Plus members get their deliveries for free. You can have it delivered the same day or the next day for free if you choose delivery.

Next-day delivery is free, but you can also schedule your delivery several days in advance at a time that’s convenient for you. There are one-hour delivery windows available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can reschedule your order once per order at no charge if your schedule changes.

The delivery person will usually deliver it in person, but you can also request that it be left on your doorstep. The weather and theft are the most likely threats to your items when you store them like this. You can schedule a one-hour delivery window from Walmart so you won’t miss your delivery while you’re out running errands or during an important conference call.

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If you would like, Walmart will provide you with delivery status updates via text message.

The total you see when you complete your order isn’t final. Walmart will temporarily hold your card based on its estimate, but the total could change depending on the availability of the items you ordered, possible substitutions, and the actual weight of some items (such as chicken breast).

It is also possible to tip your driver, but it is not mandatory. Your delivery will be rewarded with 100% of the money and they will keep all the money.

Walmart Plus: Is it right for you?

Walmart Plus is the perfect option for Walmart shoppers who want to manage their money well. Those who wish to social distance when buying groceries can also use the Scan & Go feature. You can choose any one-hour delivery window that works for you and you’ll receive unlimited free next-day deliveries. If you prefer to shop in-store, you can use the Walmart app to scan and pay for your items touch-free.

More than 2,000 Walmart, Exxon, Mobil, Murphy, and Sam’s Club fuel stations will offer 10 cents per gallon savings for people who drive a lot. You would also earn rewards if you used a credit card that offers a fuel bonus on top of those savings. You may want to take a look at the best gas credit cards.

PlayStation 5 and other hard-to-find consoles are occasionally available exclusively through Walmart Plus. 

There are some similarities between Amazon Prime and Walmart Plus, but there are also some distinct differences. There are many benefits to being a Prime member, including free movies and music, unlimited photo storage, and many more. Also, if you have the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, you can earn bonus cash back. When you need something today or prefer to shop in person, Walmart’s large retail presence cannot be matched by Amazon.

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