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Explore the Fun: Doodle Champion Island Games Adventure

by Catherine Silva
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Doodle champion island games

The Doodle Champion Island game was developed in 2021. It is a partnership of Google and Studio 4 C. Google Doodle celebrates the Summer Olympics in 2022. This Game is based on Japanese folklore and culture.

The story follows the lucky ninja cat that competes in an event. The island is the champion of this Game. Because they are helping other people, Google removed this Game on 6 September but you can still play this Game on Google archives.


  • Table tennis.
  • Rugby.
  • Running.
  • Swimming.
  • Climbing.

Tips for playing this Game

Explore Champion

This Game is fun to play. Many challenges and quests are hidden in this Game. By playing these challenges, you can earn different types of rewards and coins. You need to explore the island and connect to the character.

Choose your team

You can join one of the four teams. That involves a real leaderboard. Team selection is very important in every Game. Because it depends on your team activity that you lose or in the Game. Choose the team that suits you.

Master Mini game

There are seven games called mini-games involved: skateboarding, table tennis, artistic swimming, marathon, climbing, archery, and rugby. Each Game has its different gameplay, control, and other features. Take some practice and then you want to know how to play.

Defeat the champion

To collect the seven scrolls, now it’s time to defeat the legendary champion in each sport. Each champion has their capability, they have different weaknesses and different strengths. Look at their moves and play against them.

Check the leaderboard

When the Game starts, just look at the leaderboard. Your eyes are on the leaderboard to see how your team plays their Game. There the ups and downs in all the games. But try to play the best Game and win.

How to win all events in the Game

To win all the events in the Doodle Champion Island game, we can follow these tips. Users can play the Game as Ninja Cat as she faces the challenges in all games. This Game is unique and full of fun.


This Game was played by visiting Tankooi City, the largest region and central hub of conditioning on the island. There are a lot of different places like markets and food points to visit. The highlight is for the skateboarding event that you can at right from the entrance.

The space bar lets her jump, and the arrow key is used to move. The moves must be like the Kick Flips and Barrel Rolls. You are given a nanosecond and numerous points. The bands are occasionally delicate to pull off in sequence if you are not in high air.


The climbing sports entered from the northernmost section of the island. It comes from the snowy mountain area. Then you have to the small snow cornered vill at the base of the mountains and LEgengary Owl champion Fukuro to affirm his name.

Alike to Tanuki, players do not need to climb the mountains speedily like Fukuro. The giant owl through many snowballs at you as you try to snare on the climb mountains. Some of which are moving and taking a rest at the checkpoints.


The event can be performed from the northwestern section of the island. And this against the legendary champion Archery, Yoichi. So long as the score is advanced that Yoichi, you will win the rewards.

This event gives different challenges and targets to get good points. Yoichi completed the targets and won the points. These targets are high and hard to achieve. The smallest target is small red fans. This target gives them 50 points.

Artistic Swimming

The cultural swimming event is likely the most unlike any of the others. You will be dancing along to a remixed version of the game theme beside the legendary champion princess Otohime.

This Game is fairly straightforward. Just keep the button the keys to press. The other dancing event will begin. You just hold the key for a few minutes you can make good points and cancel to win the Game.


The Champion Island is held in the southern portion, where you see the sand everywhere, where you can challenge the full of challenging and energetic Kijimuna spirit full of the marathon.

The thing is simple: outspeed the other Kijimuna challengers and pass the finish line first. This simple task is more complicated by the area and the obstacles of the lucky path. It isn’t easy to run in s any place.

Table tennis

This is a game that requires your time and accuracy. This Game takes place on the northeast island. You are against the Tengue in a match of table tennis. The total score is 30 points by hitting the ball past them. Tengue is fast, but some skills can show by the cat they win the Game.

This Game is the war of patience. You are the power shoot meter in this Game. Following the balls is more important than following the opponent’s player. As long as you focus on the Game, you will be the champion.


This event stands by the rest of the games because, this time, Lucky is not alone. Because their friends can join them, this Game is against the legendary titleholder of rugby. The monstrous red and blue Oni! This Game is about the cooperation ball across the field without being caught by Oni.


In conclusion, this Game Doodle Champion Island Game, is based on the Olympics held in 2020 in Japan. Many famous game players are part of the Game. After this, Google collaborated with Studio 4C to make a game.

There are seven different games included in it. They all games have fun to play. In-game, there is the Ninja cat that plays the role of the players and plays all the sections of the Game. Google has removed this Game but we can play it on Google archives.

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